Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Draw Manga (MS PAINT)

Learn to draw manga as easy as A, B, C. using MS Paint
Madali lang! tulad mo, ako rin ay tagahanga. una kong natutunan i-drowing si Son Gokou ng Dragon Ball Z.
tapos, kasikatan ng Ghost Fighter, Trigun, Powerpuff Girl (hindi siya manga) lahat ng karakter dun kaya kong iguhit. then nag enhance pa ang aking talento dahil na rin sa hilig ko talaga. kaya't heto't nais mamahagi ng kaalaman. wish ko na mapakinabangan mo rin.

pero bago ang lahat ano nga ba ang manga.

Manga loosely refers to a style of cartoons originating in Japan. They usually are published in installments, and depending on their form, can be up to several hundred pages long. Many different genres are available, so they are popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. 
Known for their in-depth plots and characters, these well-respected works have been drawn for hundreds of years, 
although the modern version developed starting in the mid-20th century. <---wag mo nang basahin 'to, ok?

LET START on How To Draw Manga...... using Microsoft Paint

Draw a S line like this. this line will serve as Left cheek


Draw a Curve for left Cheek (now you already have the shape of the face)

Draw a Curve on top

add another curve opposite to the first as you see.

draw a S curve between 2 curve lines on top

Add Lines, Do as many as you like.

And last. the finishing touch!!! 
Erase the pointed tip at the bottom of the mango or manga in  tagalog. and replace a curve.
edit also the stalk (tangkay ng manga) to make it more realistic and cute.

congratulations. now you can draw manga as many as you like. just leave comment and suggestion.

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