Saturday, December 14, 2019

Action in Palawan

Ang inyong lingkod ngayon ay nasa palawan,
pero hindi kukupas ganon parin ang galawan.
Mga kababahihan nagsisigawan,
aksiyon ko ang  siyang may kagagawan

Enjoy your holidays mga kasumbong!

10 Ways on How to prevent Lazyness on Study

These are my few tips from my personal experience on how to get excited or atleast prevent laziness going to school.

1. Avoid absentiness
one of the reason why I cant appreciate the days during my schooldays is because I cant relate on whats happening, I dont know what my teacher is talking about especially in high school math. in math, I feel like its everyday survival on quiz, where to find the answer. then I tried to limit my self atleast one absent per month, then enjoy every quiz and  excited to perfect it.

2. Find your inspiration
It is my favorite one, when I was in school I look to the most beautiful girl inside the room. (ahihihi) impossible it seems I tried to impress her in everyway possible. I go to wakeup everymorning and look to the mirror checking how i loook this sunrise. and thats it.
having a crush is a good way, in my experience my crush always go to school very early. still dont know why I need to awake early to see her, something weird? I cant explain it by words sorry. its my monday sickness cure

3. Friend Seeker
Try to be likeable guy, if you have a lot of friends the more its convenient. then the days go by you will find your bestfriends, those are the ones that will trul;y be with in times of trouble.

4. Break your records.
Its simple! try to break what your last record. be better in grades, attendace, morning in, exam scores etc. Just like Michael Jackson said------- just beat it!

5. Have a Pet.
Just the days go by, you will excited everyday what is its grows. I dont know its my stress reliever in stress in school.

6. Recite and be active on Discussion
Many of you will wonder, "recites? Hey@ what if you dont know the answer?"
the things is, for there are two types of recitation; recite if you know the answer and recite if you don't know the answer. the first one is the common. the second one is when you raise your hand  if you want to find out more or to clarify what your teacher said. Focus on your techer on what he is saying and try think a good question something your teacher may appreciate.

When i was on highschool many thought my recitation is a bad way of "getting attention" but for me its a sign of respect. to interact to whta your teachers is doing and to tell him/her that you are a good listener.

7. Do your Homeworks, Reportings, Scheduled Task Well Prepared.
Preparing homework and passing it makes you refrain from absentiness. In my experience, I always make my every reporting in a amusement way. I add jokes, comedy skit, love ingredients its above average. Thats make me to get excited to show it to the class, i imagine their laughter so thats make me dont missed the day.

8. Chocolates.
Chocolates has a compounds that caused our brain to release endorphins that make ones become happy.  click this link below to read more

9. Talk to your Teacher.
Take the opportuniy, you can talk to your teacher to make you more confident to them than scared.
They have a lot of lesson they can teach you more than books. until now I still remember what my teacher said to us that day " ang tunay na matapang sa utak lumalaban" or the true brave man fight with their minds(not in physical).

10. Practice your mind to be busy
Make a habit of being an active one while you are young, then you will notice yourself guilty for being a procrastination. Enjoy your schooldays, in my experience, this is the one of my greatest years of my life.

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